What kind of events?

Open to Public: 
Meet n Greets - once every quarter - 
Come and meet some of the members. Ask questions, get a feel for us. If you are interested in learning more and working with us, let us know and we'll arrange an interview.
High Holiday's/ Esbats 
Held in public locations, these are open attendance.

Interviews - ad hoc - these can take place at peoples homes or public locations depending on situation, need and availabilty
Interviews take place with prospectives who want to learn and grow with us. We get a feel for each other and see if we feel we can bring you what you need or if there might be a better group we can refer you to that will better suit what you are looking for. 

Interview process or invite only:
Socials - Monthly - Monthly (usually 4th Saturday) - private home, invite only
Learning Circles - Monthly (usually 4th Sunday) - private home, invite only
Must attend at least two of the above private events within a 3 month period to attend :
Lunar related rituals - private home, invite only