Ritual primer and cheat sheet

Tribus Solvo ritual in function and performance is a confluence of different traditions and methodologies as a reflection of it's members. We are not meant as a group to supplant personal beliefs and methods of worship, but as a supplement to personal work and to share in ecstatic worship as a community. This is not a Wiccan group, however, there are Wiccan's in the group. Esbats are open to the public generally and are usually held in a public location, as they are public celebrations of the turning of the Wheel of the Year. Full moon and other celebrations are more private and will be held in more private locations and are more occasions for energy work and for personal development. 

  • The officiant structure for Tribus Solvo rituals are Priestess, Priest, Protector, Handmaiden and Summoner.
  • Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit are called. Elemental representation as well as Totem's that signify or align with that invocation may also be invited.
  • All invocations are done clockwise, all devocations are done in reverse, or counter-clockwise.
  • When element/direction are called, there is a pause for participants to voice welcome to an entity or totem animal aligned to that direction or construct
  • When Deity is called, there is a pause to allow for participants to invoke and acknowledge personal deity
  • We always close with our hymn, Pan Lives. (Don't worry, it's a familiar tune)
  • There is no requirement of ritual garb, though there is an encouragement to wear clothes made of natural fibers.
  • This is *not* a skyclad tradition.

Basic itinerary: Esbats

  • Gather and prepare. Start to focus on the ritual that's preparing to occur. Get to know the other participants and re-connect with friends
  • Protector will call celebrants to ritual area
  • Priest & Priestess will announce and discuss the ritual and last minute thoughts
  • Moment of focus and grounding
  • Invocation of Elements/ Calling of Directions
  • Invocation of Deity - Priest and Priestess will call main Ritual deity
  • Discussion of focus of holiday and how that phase of the earth and life relates to our daily life
  • Energy offering to the Gods and ourselves
  • Oblation/ Libation and grounding
  • Devocation of that which was invoked.
  • Close with Hymn